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My name is Richard Rice and I established Patriot Diamond in 1988.  My goal from day one has been to Deliver our Customers -  Fantastic Service, Product and Pricing. Since we Manufacture and Distribute the Diamond Blades, Core Bits and Wire directly to you, I can personally Guarantee your complete satisfaction. Nobody knows your business better than you and Nobody knows this business better than I. 

Patriot Delivers Quality and Service on Time and Under Budget.

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The Best Value In Diamond Blades

Since 1988 Patriot Diamond Inc has been manufacturing and distributing the Very Highest Quality – Diamond Blades, Core Bits and Diamond Wire. Patriot’s unique business model allows for the direct sale of these products.

Manufacturing Locally and Partnerships Worldwide

csda_logo We are proud to say we manufacture and supply the highest quality products on the Planet at the Lowest Cost. Zenesis and ARIX Diamond Segments are but a small part of the arsenal Patriot Diamond has to offer. Patriot, because of our business model, guarantees our diamond blades and core bits to have a longer life, a faster cut and a cost that is less per cut than any other company can make available.

Family Owned

Patriot Diamond is family owned and has been in the construction and diamond blade business for over 40 years. Always putting our customers needs first is but one aspect that helped our business grow. Today we are the only Local Diamond Blade and Core Bit manufacturer that sells direct. Please look over our products and don’t hesitate to e-mail or call. Again thank you for visiting and we look forward speaking to you.

Diamond Blades ~ Core Bits ~ Diamond Wire

We offer Diamond Blades in many sizes from 4″ to 72″ and Core Bits from 1/2″ to 36″.  The quality of  our diamond blades and core bits are top of the line. We are proud to be the manufacturer and distributor of the highest quality diamond blades, core bits and diamond wire on the planet.


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Diamond Blade Testimonial

Thank you for the telephone consultation that helped me order the correct bit!

I have two (2) of the 2.5″ corebits I have ordered from you folks. I have put a hundred or so holes through everything from cinder block to some very old (and very hard concrete) with basalt aggregate! Each of these bits is at a different “stage” of wear. The older one has only a few millimeters of “segment” left on it. I have found it to be excellent for starting a hole — without the “walking” or “snagging” that sometimes occurs with the longer segments. The newer bit, with the better segments, finishes up the holes nicely.

Well, now, the older bit is pretty well shot. I figure its has another two (2), possibly three (3) “hole starts” before it is toast. With luck the one you helped me to order will arrive just in time for the “new new bit” to displace the “old new bit” into becoming the “new old bit” ;-)

You folks make a great product and give great service.

Thanks again!

Larry P.