Patriot Grade Asphalt / Overlay Blades from 25hp to 100hp

The reason we have been here Since 1988 is that Customers, just like you, know the difference between Great and OK. All of our resources go towards staying current and building high quality products with attention to detail.

These “Patriot Grade” blades are used by Professional Cutters, DOT’s and Paving Contractors who require the very best product when using larger diameter blades and street saws (up to 100 hp). We manufacture these blades from 12″ thru 60″ for your specific needs and can build almost any thickness required.

These Blades are simply the Best!!!

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Product Description

Up To 100 HP Saws

Asphalt and Asphalt Over Concrete

The Very Highest Concentration and Diamond Quality
Long lasting and Fast Cutting
Special designed diamond bonds for many applications
Undercut protection (various types)

Used on large saws with up to 100 HP

Cart Saw Walk Behind Asphalt Saw


Grade of Blade:

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14″ x .125, 16″ x .125, 18″ x .125, 20″ x .140, 24″ x .165, 26″ x .165, 30″ x .165, 30″ x .187, 36″ x .165, 36″ x .187

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