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Ductile Iron Blade – Super Professional Quality


The Super Pro Ductile Iron Blade is designed for cutting ductile iron pipe, PVC pipe, steel, cast iron, wood and reinforced concrete –

These blades can last as long as 75 abrasive blades. Also, they cut faster than abrasive blades.  We incorporate electroplating on the core to aid cutting and is designed to eliminate pinching. Requires fewer blade changes.

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Ductile Iron Blades

Ductile iron blades are designed for cutting Ductile Iron Pipe, PVC pipe, steel, cast iron, reinforced concrete pipe and re-bar. This blade has electroplated diamonds on the sides for de-burring of ductile pipe.  This Super Professional ductile iron blade has laser welded split segments and it will deliver a faster, smoother cut. The ductile iron blades also provide extended cutting life.

1″ / 20mm Arbor with drive pin hole
Laser welded segments
Split segment for efficient cutting
Special formulated diamond matrix for ductile iron cutting
Electroplated diamond on the sides for de-burring

 Hand Saw Cart Saw    

Dry or Wet

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12" x .125, 12" x .145, 14" x .125, 14" x .145, 16" x .125, 16" x .145, 18" x .125


Box of 1, Box of 5, Box of 10